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Last update: August 22 1998, 22:09 UTC
Dates: July 11-17, 1998
Freq: 27.510 (27.520 in case of QRM)
QTH: Gotland Island, EU-020
Team: 21AT116 Chris & 21AT139 Patrik
QSL Manager: July 11-12, 1AT024 mr Saverio
(Read note below) July 13-17, 21AT116 mr Chris


  • July 11-12 is part of the Alfa Tango European IOTA Day Contest. All contacts made during those two days are confirmed by QSL manager 1AT024, mr Saverio.

  • Contacts made July 13-17 are confirmed with special Gotland QSL by QSL manager 21AT116, mr Chris.

  • Standard contribution required, $1 or 1 IRC.

  • Please include self addressed envelope or label.

Here are photos from the activation. Click on image to enlarge.

139 Patrik is trying out the IC-735 in the car. QTH is Nynäshamn harbor.

This is our QTH for one week on Gotland Island. The station is in the left building.

Friday night, the sloping dipole is up in the air. 139 Patrik (left) and 116 Chris are inspecting the installation...

...and this is what the antenna look like from below.

139 Patrik is receivning a report from 108AT/EU012 while trying out the installation.

116 Chris enjoying a good cigar at the Barbecue Garden restaurant in Visby.

Close-up shot of the Icom IC-735 and SM-8 microphone used for the activation.

116 Chris in the drivers seat giving progressive number 236 to 19AT286.

The mobile QTH where we worked the last contacts just before the ferry took us back to mainland.

Beautiful view of Visby from the ferry M/S Visby. This was the welcome (and farewell) we got...


  • Saturday July 11: Poor propagation, first QSO made with 102AT104 at 05:42 UTC. Propagations died at 11:09 exept for 78 and 91 divisions heard during the day.
  • Sunday July 12: The second day of the activation and the last day of the Alfa Tango European IOTA Day Contest had even less action in store, the band was completely dead exept for a couple of "micro openings". First station in the log was 178AT106. DX heard today includes 78, 85 and 188 division. Total QSOs for the IOTA contest is 105. The activation continues tomorrow though...
  • Monday July 13: Starting today we will be active on 27.510 (27.520 in case of QRM). Unfortunately this was just another day when the band was dead. Only five contacts made, first station to check in was 34AT127 at 8:03. In the evening the band opened briefly into South America but no stations seemed to be interested in our activation. As sitting by a dead radio tends to get boaring we arranged a net of friends in strategic parts of Europe that will alert us through SMS messages when to band is open into Sweden. This will give us a opportunity to leave the radio for some touristing while the band is dead.
  • Tuesday July 14: As usual we had openings into East Europe this morning. We could hear activations from Ukraine and Kazakhstan early in the morning, but numerous CQ info on 555 didn't pay off. First station in the log was 45AT/BA at 09:34 UTC. At 09:50 the band opened briefly to 14 division and we were able to get 20 stations in the log before France was gone. We could still hear weak stations from 1, 45, 116, 178, 233, 308 and 315 divisions, but no responce to our calls. In the afternoon we took the van to Visby and had a wonderful dinner. When we had coffe we received an alert through SMS from 13AT015 Peter saying that the band was open to south Sweden, but back to the car the band was dead except for one italian station. This was probably another of those micro openings we experienced all week. Back at the house this evening we found the antenna lying on the ground. The heavy wind had been too rough for the supporting wire. At 23:30 UTC we could hear some weak stations from south Europe. Hopefully openings will be stronger tomorrow.
  • Wednesday July 15: So far, this was the best day since Saturday when it comes to propagation. First station to hit the log was 327AT103 at 06:37 UTC. At 08:40 Es opened up into central Europe and many of our friends from Germany, Holland and Belgium took the chance to get into our log. Openings was very sporadic and we had to work hard for the 20 progressives given before the band was almost dead again. We decided to spend the afternoon in Visby. 13AT401 Jan alerted us through SMS that the band was open into Sweden at 16:00 UTC. Unfortunately we had just ordered dinner. When we arrived back to the house at 19:00 UTC we found the antenna lying on the ground for the second day in a row. After 20 minutes the antenna was up again and 1AT107 was the first station for the evening in the log. "Finally I made it" was Max response when we gave him progresssive number 156.
  • Thursday July 16: Wow, today we had some action on the band! As you understand, we're not so picky after a week with poor propagation... We decided to stick by the transciever no matter what! We really felt we had to help many more stations to get Gotland Island confirmed. The day started with 1AT946 checking in at 07:44 UTC. At 08:35 the band opened and provided good propagation for an hour. Then we had weak signals from France and Italy during midday and afternoon. The band was closed during the evening. We had to work hard for every contact, the only reason we were able to get more stations in the log than yesterday was that we spend almost all day in front of the radio.
  • July 17: Last day of the activation. Basically we had time to clean up the house and take down the dipole before lunch but we were able to spend a little time with the radio too. At lunch we left the house and installed the radio in the van. Progressive 280-296 are made from the van on our way to Visby. This concludes the activation from Gotland Island. We will continue update this site with more pictures coming soon.
  • July 18: The first eight QSL arrived to the manager today. That was fast!
  • July 19: Did your QSL arrive to the manager? Now you can check our log page to see if your QSL arrived saftely. Click the link at the bottom of this page, if your QSL arrived your progressive number is underlined.
  • July 28: Many QSL cards in the post box yesterday! Check the log page to see if your card arrived yet.
  • August 1: 14-division France has half of all contacts in the log book. Our new statistics page reveals all the figures and facts of the log. Also more QSL cards arrived to the manager, check the log page.
  • August 7: Another pile of cards arrived. At this point we received QSL cards for 47% of all contacts.
  • August 16: More QSL cards arrived, the log page is updated.
  • August 22: Did you QSL card arrive yet? The log page is updated again.

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