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ATBeacon by 21AT116

Use ATBeacon to track beacons operated by International Beacon Project. Beacons are located all over the world and will help you understand the current propagation. All beacons transmit on the same frequency, this program will help you decode witch beacon is currently on air. Beacons identify themselves in CW followed by 4 dashes where transmitting power is decreased for every dash, see below.

  1. 100 watt
  2. 10 watt
  3. 1 watt
  4. 0,1 watt

ATBeacon shows Alfa Tango division number, QTH, call sign, short path bearing, long path bearing and distance for all beacons.


  • Make sure your PC clock is accurate down to the second
  • Click start ATBeacon below
  • Tune RX to 28.200
  • Change TZ to reflect you local difference from UTC
  • Change Long and Lat to match your QTH

Start ATBeacon - 21AT116 start page

ATBeacon will show the beacon currently on air. The beacon window will instantly update when the next beacon is schedule to start.

Adjust local time zone:

To make ATBeacon work correctly your PC clock needs to be accurate. To set your clock tune to 15.000 MHz and get the correct time from the WWV transmitter. Then type the time difference in the UTC field of ATBeacon. Enter this value in hours and decimal fractions of an hour (±HH.hh) in the range -12 to 12, using negative values for time zones East of UTC.

How to change longitude and latitude:

Latitude and Longitude values should be entered in decimal values rather than degrees and minutes. A simple conversion is done by using the following formula:

decimal value = degrees + (minutes/60)

  • Latitude values for locations in the northern hemisphere are positive, 0 to 90.
  • Latitude values for locations in the southern hemisphere are negative, 0 to -90.
  • Longitude values for locations West of greenwich are positive, 0 to 180.
  • Longitude values for locations East of greenwich are negative, 0 to -180.

Start ATBeacon - 21AT116 start page

This service is currently in beta test. ATBeacon © 1998 21AT116 & The Mighty Kelly